MobileMe button

MobileMe button 2.2

Reach Apple's MobileMe button from your Dashboard


  • Access to all services


  • Small
  • Not easy to move around

Not bad

The MobileMe button is a little Dashboard widget that gives you quick access to all the pages of Apple's new online MobileMe service.

Whether you are looking to access your account page, your contacts, calendars, photos, iDisk or mail page, the MobileMe button always puts only a click away and what's more gives you a different entry point to the web service than by your browser.

MobileMe button is smaller than most widgets, which sometimes makes it a little difficult to work with. To move the widget around you have to click on either it's left or right side, which takes a little getting used to.

Interestingly Mobile Me button used to be called Dot Mac button. Now that Apple have updated their service the developer has also decided to offer a new version of the widget.

Although the widget could be a little bigger, MobileMe button gives you access to Mac's fresh new online services directly from your Dashboard.

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MobileMe button


MobileMe button 2.2

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